About Central Rally Aichi / Gifu 2019

In aspirations of the return of Rally Japan to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), WRC Japan Round Bid Committee was formed around SAN’s Inc. in January 2018. Since then, we have been exerting every effort for successful bid to host Rally Japan in 2020. Rally Japan will take place in a mountainous area extending across two prefectures in the Chubu region, Aichi and Gifu, with the Expo Park (a.k.a. Morikoro Park) in Nagakute City, Aichi to be the key rally venue.

With Rally Japan, if all goes well, now roughly a year away, we will be having a test rally event “Central Rally Aichi / Gifu 2019” in November using planned route and facilities. This attempt is not only a vital opportunity to train all rally officials, but is an effective promotional activity to get more people interested in Rally Japan.

Central Rally Aichi / Gifu 2019 is a non-championship tarmac rally streaking through the intermontane area in Mikawa (north-eastern Aichi) and the Tono area (south-eastern Gifu) – the heart of nature’s bounty – featuring the Expo Park as the centre of the rally. The area is where the ever-popular Shinshiro Rally takes place annually exciting huge spectators to fever pitch. We are confident in showing you the world-class performance in the area where rally is deeply entrenched in.

Central Rally Aichi / Gifu 2019 sure is the event to give you a taste of Rally Japan.

Rally Japan Management Office


Name of the Event
Central Rally Aichi / Gifu 2019

Visa Numbers
FIA VISA No. 1.00043360
JAF VISA No. 2009-0029

7-10 November 2019

Type of Competition
Special Stage Rally


Number of SS / Distance
140 kilometres with 14 Special Stages

Rally Japan Management Office (c/o SAN’s Inc.)

JAF authorized clubs:
Mazda Sports Car Club (MSCC) and Toyota Motorsports Club (TMSC)
JAF members:
NPO MOSCO and SAN’s Inc.

Co-Hosts (TBC)
Aichi Prefecture, Okazaki City and Ena City

Rally Japan Management Office

Rally Japan Management Office (c/o SAN’s Inc.)

Shinjuku Eastside Square 7/F, 6-27-30 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8469
E-mail: info@rally-japan.jp